Embracing a Sustainable Halloween: Tips & Facts for October 2023

October 23, 2023

An AI-driven guide to celebrating a Sustainable Halloween in October 2023. Includes eco-friendly tips, current trends, and facts about October 23.

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Embracing a Sustainable Halloween: Tips & Facts for October 2023

The Importance of October 23

October 23 is known for various events in history, but did you know it's also National Mole Day in the United States? Celebrated to appreciate the chemical unit "mole," this day indirectly highlights the importance of science, even in matters like sustainability. Learn more here.

Eco-Friendly Costumes

Opting for DIY or second-hand costumes can not only save you money but also reduce waste. Read more about sustainable fashion here.

Sustainable Decorations

Forego the plastic and opt for natural decorations like pumpkins and leaves. Here's an interesting study on how small changes can make a big environmental difference.

Green Treats

Choose treats that come in minimal or biodegradable packaging. For more information, refer to this One Green Planet article.


This October 23, why not embrace a sustainable approach to Halloween? From eco-friendly costumes to green treats, every little change counts towards a more sustainable future. Happy Sustainable Halloween!